PA 1

From the place where I used to have lunch in high school breaks with my friend Eva, I watch people pass by the Paseo Rosas de los Vientos. It’s a nice day, the breeze runs and you can feel the smell of the bakery on the corner. The brown leaves on the grass announce the arrival of autumn, a small puppy carries one of them in his mouth. The light shows, when it runs into the shadows, a beautiful amalgam of green and ochre colors.

The seat is made of wood, I do not know what kind, somewhat uncomfortable, but well known, today I am not accompanied by the excited and cheerful voice of my friend, but in the distance you can hear how a girl tells her father even the smallest detail of the film that she saw with her aunt the previous afternoon, from her words emanated a fascination bequealy of a child. The ground follows a simple pattern, it is gray, but with two red bands on the sides. The tall trees create shade that protects from the strong sun. You can hear the murmur of the café that is a few meters away. An elderly couple goes on to laugh and it is impossible not to gesticulate a small smile. The buildings that are here are typical of the Mediterranean, if we let go of anyone here I could say without a doubt where it is. The colors of these vary, but are mostly white, yellow, orange and green.

This path is located in the Grao of Gandía.

Why did you choose this place?

I am a foreigner, I was born in Uruguay, this path is very similar to one that I used to go to as a child, and also because it is very beautiful and has a very cozy atmosphere.

What makes you comfortable?

It helps me connect with my childhood and brings me a little closer to my country. The noise of the birds and the tranquility that is in this place make me feel very comfortable.

Theres some disruptive element?

I do not think so.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

I hope so, tranquility is something difficult to find but not impossible, the beach when it is somewhat empty makes me feel similar emotions.

Do you think that the contitions of this space influence its occupants? How?

Undoubtedly, people go for a walk here to disconnect and have a good time. A friend told me that when he gets stressed about an exam, he comes to walk around here and that he immediately feels quite better.