I was born on a cold July afternoon on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Uruguay. My life was always very normal. To this day it is.

I lived in several countries, when I was 12 I moved to Milan, and at 14 I went to New Jersey, then I arrived in Valencia when I was 16. My parents always joke and say we are nomads. In the future I plan to go to another country, I really like to know the cultures in a deep way.

Studying architecture was always an option, I went through many facets, but in the end there were only two options: architecture or death. From the first year of high school I was sure I want it to study this career, I could not imagine studying anything else. At night, the thought of not reaching the necessary note tormented me. But in the end everything went well, I entered the career I wanted and to my surprise also where I wanted. I am truly happy, I hope I didn’t made a mistake, fingers crossed.

But we will have a lot of time to talk about architecture, now it’s time to talk about me: I like literature, listening to rock, car trips, alone time and pistachios. I hate mosquitoes. And I don’t like people who go to the beach and don’t get into the water, I really don’t get it, but hey, «cada loco con su tema» (my friend, Marco, always says that, kinda funny).

And I almost forgot, I don’t like to take pictures, so Mr. Professor, my sincere apologies but I have to stay attached to my essence. I refuse to upload photos of myself. I hope you enjoy my blog.