Bored on the train I thought of pentagons and exagons. well, I actually only thought about pentagons, they are very ugly. Really ugly. Its constructive method is something very complicated and difficult to remember. I always forget how they are drawn. Unlike pentagons, hexagons are perfect. Symmetrical, easy to draw and remember. Really beautiful. I think its beauty rests on its simplicity. but thinking so much about hexagons derivo into something else. BEES.

How did nature know that the most optimal way to concentrate honey was in small hexagons? these animals are really intelligent, we should keep an eye on them.

My grandfather was a beekeeper, he loved bees. As a child, I never understood that madness he had with bees, I think now I understand a little. He always said that they were very good engineers, but I think the title of architect fits them better. perhaps Campos Baeza should change the title of his book to «I want to be a bee». I would buy it.